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The end of the 1,000 copies era

by Zamir Bar Lev
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From now on any mail or checks should be sent to our new address: 
Printiv Press
POB. 34421


In Printiv Press we are proud of the fact that we offer a complete spectrum of printing services, all under the same roof.
Our clients range from designers and print managers to government, business, academic, and private end-users.
Regardless of the type of product that is required, our clients benefit from advice and guidance in planning their printed product from some of the most  experienced professionals in the country .
Some of the products  we can create - all from scratch to finish :
- Books - with a range of bindings (perfect, spiral, hard cover, staples and Thermofile).
- Booklets.
- Office forms and transactional papers.
- Business cards, postcards, stationery, .
- Newspapers.
- Boxes and other containers.
- Magnets.
- Brochures, leaflets and fliers.
- Folders.
- Journals - we have our own graphics for the calendar in many forms if needed.
- Calendars.
- Memo boxes and other marketing staples.
And many more...
As for our completing services to other printing businesses we can provide:
- Graphic Design.
- Offset Printing.
- Digital Printing.
- Sheet Folding and Collation.
- Lamination.
- Embossing (with foil if needed).
- Dye cuts.
- Offset Plates - Through our CTP dept.
- Perfect Binding.
- Hard Cover Binding.
- Spiral Binding.
- Staddle Stitch Binding.

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