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The end of the 1,000 copies era

by Zamir Bar Lev
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Pamphlets, Brochures and Flyers

Flyers, Pamphlets and brochures are the most common printed media used to promote sales.
Among others these are fairly cheap to make, contain only brief description that is targeted on specific goals.
The advantages of Flyers are that it is small, easy to distribute, delivers your quick message fast and simple and can be of use to offer ongoing services like menus for take out etc.

Due to the fact that Flyers are so easy to make - people might treat the production of one "lightly".
This could be very bad in creating the wrong so valuable first impression with future clients.
The Flyer must be planned correctly to deliver your message in a clean and polished manner.
Your clients must feel prestige, and start building up your trust - for you to achieve your goals fully.
Sending a badly made Flyer will get you the opposite effect at your expense.

Printiv Press has a rich experience in Producing Pamphlets, Flyers and Brochures. We have seen it all and can help you a lot in making sure that your Flyer is done right.
Since we are equipped with state of the art machinery that guarantee you the best printing quality, you can rest assure that your Flyer will reflect that on your image.

Here are some examples of Pamphlets and Brochures produced.
BioTech, Smartfish


Frédéric Chopin - Program
Yad Sarah

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