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The end of the 1,000 copies era

by Zamir Bar Lev
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PRINTIV - The Story

There is hardly anything that can not be done a bit less well, and be sold for a bit cheaper. However, close to 30 years of activity in the field of printing – the majority of which were also years of development, equipping and growth – have taught us that it is better for us – without exception – to do everything better.
Today we know that being meticulous is worthwhile and that each additional minute that we dedicate to a project is not a waste of time.
Zamir Bar Lev established Printiv Printing at the end of the 70’s as a direct continuation of Zamir Advertising, a leading advertising firm that was under his ownership. And so, already at the beginning, Printiv offered its clients the high standards of an advertising firm in all that concerns advice, planning and quality.
Graphic design and professional preparation for print are the basis of every successful production. At Printiv’s Studio one can find the most advanced computer equipment of its kind – however the final result is always thanks to the originality of thought and the professional production of the graphic designers.
We have invested tremendous resources in order to fulfill the vision of becoming an autonomous unit – with all services under one roof – from the preparation of the boards and up to the finish, to binding and enhancement, which make up a professional production.
And so – ever since the move to our new offices on Beit Hadfus Street in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem, we can say with satisfaction, that we have fulfilled the vision almost to the fullest.
With three four-color machines there is no need for delay! Our creative talent in all of the departments allows us maximum flexibility and the ability to meet the tightest deadlines.
The automatic staple binding line places Printiv’s production ability at 12,000 booklets an hour – and at a total of roughly 100,000 booklets a day.
The range of products at Printiv includes the entire range of printing products. Beginning from a designed business card and up to exquisite books in soft or hard cover. At Printiv there is hardly a concept that can not be brought to fruition.
The digital printing department allows for fast, high quality printing in small and medium amounts, in black and white or in color.
Special cutting work in shtanz as a basis for carton boxes, files and folders.
All types of enhancement work are available at Printiv such as lamination, gold foil sealing, prominence finishing and any other original concept.
Spiral binding with industrial equipment for diaries, calendars and booklets.
Printing of changing information for direct mailing.
At Printiv, producers, graphic artists and publicists find the ideal place for the production of their projects: prospectuses, catalogues, booklets, folders, books, professional newspapers, ring binders, calendars, diaries, forms and account books, stickers, envelopes and all types of office paper – of any amount and always of quality that is to their satisfaction – and what is good for the professionals is surely good for you as well.
80 skilled employees will do everything to provide the finished product: on time, at a high quality and graciously.

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